Tuesday, June 23, 2009

iPhone software

I've found some very useful free iPhone apps, I thought I'd share with other iPhoners.

First, the list of jailbreak apps:
* PdaNet - Use your iPhone's 3G Connection for surfing the web from your laptop (or iMac, if your adsl broke down!)
* NemusSync - As well as syncing your .Mac.MobileMe calendars over the air, sync your google calendars
* GRiS - RSS Reader that syncs your read state with your Google reader account, so you don't have to skim articles in your feeds twice.
* Backgrounder - Let any iPhone app run in the background...
* BossPRefs - fast access to turning wireless etc. on/off as werll as SSH, Mail Accounts
* Cycorder - Video Recorder
* Macman - Accelerometer controlled pac man - very cool
* Stumbler Plus - Look at your local WiFi networs in detail
* MIM - Change your network name to something useful (Mine says "Matt's" to identify my phone from andrews...)

Regular Apps that are useful
* Shazam/Midomi - Identify any song playing over the speakers or the radio, or even (if you are good enough) sing it a song and it'll tell you what it is.
* Dual Level - spirit level - yet to use this for real, but cool
* AirSharing - Make your iphone appear as a network drive to copy thigns from/to over wireless
* BOMRadar - check the rain before cycling home
* SydTraffic - live feeds from RTA's traffic cameras
* IceTV - Remotely program your EyeTV (What, you don't have one???)
* GPS Tracker - Track where you've been on a google map - also gives average speed, length etc
* Remote - Control iTunes

Anyone got others they've added that are really useful?

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