Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I think the iPad is f#@%ing awesome. But I probably don't want one - I want all my friends who come to me for help to get one!

If you're not a developer of some sort, computers shouldn't be this hard (even you, Mac OS X)! I've been thinking for ages (I'm 40!!!) that computer interfaces have barely advanced since the Mac went mainstream. Really, OSX doesn't look that different to my Atari ST!?!?! As for Windows!

Usability has been dreadful and I think computers have just been wrong. The idea of having a machine that can do anything (and thus can do almost nothing well) is stupid. I think the iPad and the devices that follow (and the iPad won't be truly hardware great until competition comes along, but again, the average user shouldn't care!) will redefine how people interact with computers.

In fact, people shouldn't know they are interacting with a computer. Eventually, they shouldn't even know the difference between a local app and surfing the web, or that there is a difference!

[edit] then moments later, I read this: On iPads, Grandmas and Game-changing